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No Face.

Mug shots…

I decided to create a grid of faces. I was inspired by Ken Ohara’s photographs. I removed the faces from every single person…


For my A2 photography project I have given myself the title identity to study.

I was inspired by Royn Cummings photographs from his Lady things collection.  I thought that identity being removed to enchance certain aspects of a person or to be replaced by something which represents the person was an effective concept. I wanted to create my own series of photographs about identity. My idea is to remove facial features of my models in narrative photography.

This photograph is the first of the sequence. It was taken in chudleigh woods….

More to come…

Duane Michals inspiration.

I was first inspired by Duane michals when I saw his photograph sequence of Andy Warhol from 1972. The way he worked with film inspired me and i wanted to recreate the photographs myself, using film. I knew it was going to be challenging to get the exposures and shutter speed right to create the images I wanted. I was expecting it to take a few films until I got it right, However it worked first time. Here is the photo sequence I created and Duane Michals…

I think photographs should be provocative and not tell you what you already know. It takes no great power or magic to reproduce somebody’s face in a photograph. The magic is in seeing people in new ways” – Duane Michals

Project Grangus.

This a project me and my friend Angus decided to attempt. We both have a love for using film, so we decided to experiment by shooting on the same film twice. We shot on the film once each, both times under exposing it. Not letting each other know what we were taking photographs of. We had no idea if the film would come out, so when they did it was rather exciting. Seeing the different combinations of mine and Angus’ photographs was interesting.


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